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institutional electrical services hamilton

Institutional Electricians

If you’re searching for a high-quality institutional electrician who you could trust, look no further! McGinty Toman Electric has years of experience working with various institutions including – daycare properties, schools, colleges, universities, retirement homes and other large scale facilities. We can assist with all sorts of electrical needs providing¬†the very finest electric contractor services in Hamilton and the surrounding Southern Ontario region.

Institutional facilities like these have a unique set of requirements. At any given time (and depending on your type of institution), you could have many people in the building. Whether it be staff, guests, retirees or students, there are lots of people counting on your facility. This means you need affordable, reliable and consistent year round power that not only keeps your facility running smoothly, but also maintains a high safety standard and quality maintenance. Additionally, we understand that your organization may have a tight budget, which is why always look for the most affordable solution for our clients that gets the job done properly!

institutional electrical services hamilton

We place a huge dedication and importance to always innovating and improving our services. We are constantly upgrading to the latest tools, machinery, materials and technology. Our standards for quality is unmatched and we always want to ensure that we are providing the latest and greatest solutions for our clients. You can rest assured that we will have you covered for every need ranging from small repairs to complete installations.

Our Institutional Electrical Services Include:

Institutional Construction

Upgrades & Renovations

Emergency Repair

Lighting Retrofits

Preventative Maintenance

Electrical Inspections

ESA Deficiency Corrections